Hello, my name is Logan Kortgard and I am working toward seat 17B in the Minnesota House of Representatives. 

I am running because I believe in making politics work for us. Our current system is not doing enough for us and we deserve, nay, we need change. 

I was born September 3rd, 1997 right here in the Willmar Lakes Area— Rice Hospital to be exact. I have spent the last 22 years of my life living, working, and learning from our area.  I played sports at the Y, took theatre classes through what is now the Parks & Rec, and I participated in Willmar Fests as a Junior Prince. 

Both of my parents are from the area. My dad is a veteran of the Vietnam War and worked for many years as a janitor at our church as well as for Yellow Medicine Schools. My mom is a hairstylist and owns a local business in Willmar. Both of my parents instilled in me the value of hard work, a friendly disposition, and a never give up attitude. Something I use every day and in everything I do.

Currently, I am attending the University of Minnesota, where I study Health Services Management. In my spare time, I had the pleasure of marching in the "Pride of Minnesota" marching band and giving admissions tours to prospective students. I also did work as the director of Alumni and Family Relations for my fraternity.

But enough about me, this is about you.

Healthcare costs are so high. Premiums, co-pays, co-insurance, etc. feel so confusing and frustrating. Sometimes it feels like I do not know what I'm doing, and I've had experience studying it! Not just that, accessibility also can be an issue. It often feels like my doctor can be hard to reach, or that I have to go to an out of town doctor for something so minor. This is just one of the many issues our area faces. However, we can improve upon it.

Imagine a Kandiyohi county with high-quality, accessible healthcare. Imagine a Kandiyohi county with higher-speed broadband that can open doors for local businesses. Imagine a Kandiyohi county with top-tier education that doesn't break the bank. 

I hope to turn the imagination into realization.

The first thing my friends and family will tell you about me is that I've always loved and believed in the Willmar area. I am committed to change and have my standards set high. I want to learn from you and ask you what I can do to help you succeed. But most importantly, I believe we can make changes together.

To learn more about me, please explore this site and feel free to reach out with any questions. 

Sincerely, Logan


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